General Rehabilitation


It is possible that you may have lost some of your functional independence either inside or outside the home. As a result of:

    • Recent hospital admission
    • Longer Illness
    • Post Fractures or elective surgeries
    • Falls
    • Multiple conditions

Therefore we commonly help individuals with problems such as reduced mobility, poor balance, muscle weakness, falls, decreased independence and decreased confidence.

Treatment may include:

    • We device and practice Exercises Programme to improve your general muscle strength and balance which will help you to reduce your risk of falling and increase your confidence
    • Mobility and steps practice to improve your confidence when you are walking outside
    • Establishing a programme of stretches to prevent soft tissue shortening and increase range of movement
    • Activities to improve your fitness levels
    • Look at your home environment to increase safety
    • Manual Handling risk assessment and advice
    • Advice and support on home aids and equipment to increase your independence with daily tasks

Physiotherapy treatment aim is to improve your muscle strength, balance, quality of life and independence with activities of daily living.