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    Your health is our passion

    Your health is our passion

    Your health is our passion

    Your health is our passion

    Your health is our passion

We are proud of our organization.


 Welcome to JM Physio-care.

Here at JM Physio-care we pride ourselves on our friendly, personable, professional and highly experienced staff who have extensive experience in the assessment, treatment and prevention of a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological or respiratory conditions, supported by a comprehensive programe of continued professional development to keep up to date with the latest research findings and treatment.

JM Physio-care ensures individually-tailored and evidence-based treatments to enable a speedy recovery and return to function.

JM Physio-care is registered with all major Private Medical Insurance Companies.
We offer comfortable treatment rooms, a relaxing waiting area, gym facilities and reimbursement for your parking.

We provide service in

    • Hospitals
    • Private Physiotherapy Practices
    • Sports Clubs
    • Fitness Facilities
    • Health and Wellness clinics
    • Nursing/Residential Homes
    • GP Surgeries
    • Private Medical Work
    • Insurance Companies
    • Local Businesses


    • We book appointments via telephone or e-mail.
    • We offer appointment at your convenient time.
    • We also offer weekend and evening appointments, at short notice if necessary.
    • We also provide home visits if required.
    • You may choose to be seen by a female practitioner.

What our patients say

  • The Physiotherapy treatment we received by Jigar Patel after our accident was helpful as well as

    Dr Wilk and Mrs M Wilk.,

  • I and my wife had an accident on 03/08/2013; we were stationery in our car at pedestrian traffic lights when a car crashed behind us. We suffered back pain and neck injuries. We were referred to physiotherapy treatment and Jigar Patel helped us with our back and neck treatment. We attended several physiotherapy sessions and we received a very good service, and Jigar Patel is very professional with his work and he is a very nice person, and we were following all the exercises shown by him, the treatment helped us and now both of us feel much better and will carry on with these exercise for some more time. We will highly recommend Jigar Patel and his services to anybody as we personally felt we were in capable hands. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

    Mr & Mrs M.Dusara,

  • I would like to thank you for helping me on my recovery. You have been very understanding with my problems and you also have given me ideas to keep up my daily exercises with very simple tips! Thank you again and have a happy holidays with your family.

    L Teller / Goldsobel,

  • The physiotherapist was very professional. At the beginning of each session a report was completed. The session was then worked around this. The treatment received has been a benefit and exercises were given to help in between sessions. The therapist is thorough, approachable and offers a professional service. I'm happy to recommend JP Physiocare Ltd.

    L Shine,

  • After being in a car accident where I was bumped from the back, I suffered whiplash and was referred to JM PhysioCare LTD. My therapist was very informative and made sure I understood exactly why I was feeling pain in various places of my back and spine. I went away with exercises that have proven to ease almost all of my whiplash symptoms, after only 1 session! I’d happily recommend JM PhysioCare LTD to others.

    Mr R Kodabuckus,