JM Physiocare provides a comprehensive rehabilitation services for musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions and respiratory conditions. We specialize in complex, chronic conditions and always aim to provide a quality service with qualified staff.

    • Sports Physiotherapy
    • Pre and post operative Physiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy for any traumatic injuries eg: Domestic Injuries, Work related injuries, road traffic accident etc
    • Neuro Rehabilitation
    • Chest Physiotherapy
    • General rehabilitation
    • Physiotherapy for Whiplash Injuries
    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
We provide service in

    • Hospitals
    • Private Physiotherapy Practices
    • Sports Clubs
    • Fitness Facilities
    • Health and Wellness clinics
    • Nursing/Residential Homes
    • GP Surgeries
    • Private Medical Work
    • Insurance Companies
    • Local Businesses


    • We book appointments via telephone or e-mail.
    • We offer appointment at your convenient time.
    • We also offer weekend and evening appointments, at short notice if necessary.
    • We also provide home visits if required.
    • You may choose to be seen by a female practitioner.

Treatment Time:

Initial Assessment: 30 – 45 mins depends on injury.

Follow up treatment: 30 mins