About us

JM Physio-care aim to provide an excellent standard of private physiotherapy to the local population.

JM Physio-care offer high quality specialist physiotherapy alongside complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage.
JM Physic-are provides a multi specialist Physiotherapy services in all clinics and at your door.
JM Physio-care also helps GP surgery to set up and run ‘In-House’ Physiotherapy service.
JM Physio-care follows a systematized approach to assessment, comprehensive treatment, functional rehabilitation and advice/education on injury prevention.

The company’s philosophy is to involve the patient in the mutual setting of goals and time frames for recovery and integral to this process is the development of self treatment and home exercise programmes so that the treatment of today becomes the prevention of the future.

All practitioners within our clinics are trained to degree level/master level standard and are all members of both CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapist) and HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council) registered.

Reasons Why You Should Choose JM Physio-care:

    • Professional but friendly therapist who understand you and your health related problems
    • Focused on your individual goals
    • Individualize and tailored treatment programmers
    • Effective, efficient and successful physiotherapy
    • Caring and sensitive to your needs and always respectful of your dignity
    • We also provide home visits, therefore no access problems, car parking, childcare concerns etc.
    • Home visits also allows you to involve your family or carer easily, and enable the Physiotherapist to offer advice and support to them too if needed.